Sebastian Klier Founder at NewWorldFans, NewWorld-Map. Full-Stack Developer with Kubernetes Experience.

Rewriting PHP scripts in Go

Recently I was dealing with a migration job that was written in PHP to migrate a million user accounts and their associated data to a new DB and table structure. Originally this script was needed to migrate only a couple hundred accounts for a quick demo, so we didn’t really care about its performance, but when we later tried to scale it up we ran into issues with memory as it often happens with long-running PHP scripts. Another problem was that it took way too long to run it.

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Current Projects

Honestly this post is just a filler to get the site up. ;)

My current work project is (and has been for the past 2.5 years) one of Germany’s largest dating sites / social networks. It’s written in PHP/Symfony and uses tons of nice things like Memcache, Redis, MongoDB, Solr, ElasticSearch… We’re also currently rewriting our legacy Symfony 1 codebase using Symfony 3 with a React frontend. Pretty cool stuff.

Side projects right now are rare because I spend my free time traveling or pursuing my quest of trying every single restaurant in Shanghai, but when I find the time I work on a browser game using Rails/React or try to contribute to GitLab.

I’ve started defining a list of personal goals to accomplish each month, and getting this site up and running was one of my goals for January, so yay me. I guess I will have to add a goal for next month to actually write some content, which will most likely be about Go.

I’m up for projects on the side. Feel free to use my email (in the sidebar) to get in touch.